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New Magazine & Journals

New Magazine & Journals

New Magazine & Journals

Our library has subscribed to local and international journals and magazines. It easy to access and contain up-to date info...
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Rental Lockers Policy

Library Lockers

Lockers are available for UniRazak students to rent on a first-come, first-served basis, at the beginning of the semester.There are 2 types of lockers, one is long term rental and the others are short term rental.
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New Items in the Library


New books received from vendors from time to time. You can use our webOPAC to search for the book or directly request from our  library staff.

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News & Events from library

23 / JULY / 2014


Please be informed that there will be some changes on library opening hours due to upcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration day as follows:-



28 / JUN / 2014

Library Operating Hours during Ramadhan:-



02 / JUN / 2014

due to undergraduates semester holiday, the library opening hours has been changed to the details as follow:-




Online Databases


Please use the OFF-CAMPUS ACCESS option if you are unable to access the online databases.(However, if you're in campus,you can directly access the online database link).

Turnitin (Prevent Plagiarism)

Turnitin is a web-based plagiarism detection and prevention system. It teaches students how to work with sources and raises... view more

Online Databases @ National Library of Malaysia

You can get access to various kinds of online databases and digital resources provided by the National Library of Malaysia. Register Now!


You can donate your old books to the library as long as they are still in good conditions for usage..


All textbooks and references related to subjects offered by TARSOG.


 Register for the Information Literacy Training where you will learn how to search for information that might be useful for your research.

(But if you're in campus,you can directly access the online database link)

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Collections Highlight

  • Steve Jobs / Walter Isaacson

    QA76.2.J63 .I73s 2011

  • Business Planning & Report Writing

    HD30.28 .R934b 2011

  • 100 great businesses and the minds

    HF5386 .R823n 2010

  • Too many bosses, too few leaders

    HD57.7 .R161t 2011

  • Midas touch

    HG221 .T867m 2011

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Monday 9:00A.M -8.00P.M
Tuesday 9:00A.M - 8.00P.M
Wednesday 9:00A.M - 8.00P.M
Thursday 9:00A.M -8.00P.M
Friday 9:00A.M - 8.00P.M
Saturday 9:00A.M - 5.30P.M
Sunday 9.00A.M - 3.30P.M

-> Library services will cease fifteen minutes(15minutes) prior to the closing time.
-> Library will be CLOSED during public holiday.

Waktu Solat Malaysia


New Arrival AUGUST.2014

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[BP144 .A135p 2009]

[HG3368.A6 .E78 2008]

[DS597.2 .J75m 2014]

[DS595 .A524t 2014]

[HC445.5 .N174m 2014]

[NA9258 .C581 2014]

[DS595.2.M2 .S524m 2014]

[LB2805 .H313d 2014]

[HD57.7 .H926e 2014]

[LG396 .D536 2014]

[HE5963.6 .S711d 2013]

[JK468 .B347p 2014]

[DS594 .Z19r 2013]

[JQ1062.A91 .T369n 2014]

[JF1351 .P774n 2013]

[HC445.5 .A534r 2014]

[RC154.7 .N822p 2014]

[HC59.7 .R454 2014]

[KBP940.2 .Z19c 2012]

[HD5715 .A994t 2013]

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Universiti Tun Abdul Razak

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No. 8, Jalan Munshi Abdullah,

50100 Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia.

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