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Library Collections

Universiti Tun Abdul Razak Library provides access to an extensive collection of digital and physical resources for teaching, learning and research purposes. The resources of the whole Library are available to staff and students in the University and also to other users who want to use UNIRAZAK Library services.


i. Open Collections  --

The open collection is a collection of library materials that can be checked out from the University Library. The open collection consists of general books in various subject areas.  


ii. Reference Collections  --

The reference collections refer to reference books such Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, Handbooks, Biography and Directories. These are non-circulating items which are to be used inside the library only.







iii. Serial Collections  --

Light reading periodicals which include stories, articles, etc. These are non-circulating items which are to be used inside the library only.



  Bound Magazines



iv. Multimedia Collections  --

The multimedia collections include audio video materials, diskettes and CDs.




iv. Archives Collections  --

This archival collection is only available at the Thesis Room. The archives collection contains recorded information produced by Universiti Tun Abdul Razak.


v. Past Exam Question Papers  --

Our library has made past exam question papers available online. This online exam paper repository is based on the set of exam papers received from Academic Administration Department. Exam papers online is available on and off-campus. Follow this link.



Content updated on 10 Feb 2016


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