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Behavior Policy

  Infraction will result in a warning, and if any further action is necessary, the library member/s  causing disturbance will be asked to leave the Library.

   If that member refuses to leave, s/he will be warned and stern action will be taken.

  In order to maintain the good image of the University, Library members are reminded that they must be properly and decently attired when they enter

   the Library in accordance to the University dress code.

  Breach of rules on attire may also render a member liable for disciplinary action.

  Bags, cases, files and folders are not allowed to be taken into the Library. Those materials must be left in the pigeon hole near the entrance/exit.

   All books and personal belongings must be shown to the staff/guard at the Library entrance/exit whenever required to do so.

  Silence shall be observed in the public areas of the Library. Cellular phones or pagers and watch alarms should be switched off

   on entering the Library.

  All forms of electronic games are prohibited.

  Anything of value should not be left unattended in the Library. The Library does not take responsibility for the loss of any personal items.

  Any personal possessions brought into the Library should not be left unattended and should not cause obstruction to other users.

  Vacated seats may not be reserved for more than fifteen minutes.

  Accessing undesirable Internet sites and downloading, printing and circulating undesirable materials are strictly prohibited.

  Using computer software which is not owned by the Library or any of the Library's personal computer are prohibited.

  Installing software or changing any of the microcomputer system set-up or any of the Library's personal computer are prohibited.

  Storing documents in the microcomputer network or hard disks are prohibited.

  The following is items/activities are prohibited : loitering, soliciting, smoking, eating and drinking, pets, bare feet, excessive noise, offensive odour,

    improper behavior, obstruction of people, use of profanity, sleeping on premises.



Content updated on 10 Feb 2016



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