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Recall Policy 


  Library materials are subject to recall if they are required by another library member at any time.

  A notice will be sent to the library member informing him/her which material has been recalled and what the new due date is.

  Failure to return the material by the new due date will result in suspension of loan privileges until all recalled items are returned.

  Library members will be notified if an item needs to be returned before its original due date because of another library member's request.

  All materials which are issued for more than one week may be recalled for use by another borrower before the due date.

  The borrower will receive a letter with notification of the recall request along with the new due date.

  If the borrower has had the material for fewer than seven days, he/she may keep it for a full one week period. If he has the material for more than one week,

   it must be returned within 3 days.



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