Vision & Mission 

The library has been established since September 2008 at Razak Campus to support teaching, learning and research activities of Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UniRazak).The Library provides library collections, facilities and services to the students, lecturers and staff. The Library is managed by professional librarians who are committed to build, maintain and deliver high quality information resources. The collection covers all subject areas taught in programmes offered by UniRazak. The library is also equipped with adequate computing facilities such as computers and wireless networks.


  To provide excellent library and information services to all staff and students of Universiti Tun Abdul Razak.
  To provide a conducive environment for study and research and to fully optimise the library's facilities and services.


 To support teaching ,learning and research activities of students ,lectures and staff.
 To assist students, lecturers and staff to acquire, manage and effectively and effectively use the information resources

Our service promise

  To assist faculty in acquiring library materials (books, journals, magazines, audio visuals etc.)
  To order and receive library materials.
  To assist library users to search and use the library resources in the most innovative and effective way.
  To acquire, develop and maintain electronic resources.
  To acquire, manage and provide access to University archives and in-house resources
  To manage library membership
  To provide conducive environment for reading, study and conducting research in libraries    


Content updated on 10 Feb 2016