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Inter-Library Loan Service (ILL)

Inter Library Loan is service provided for Unirazak Library users to obtain journal articles and books that are not available in UNIRAZAK library. The inter library loan service allows you to borrow books,articles,book chapters from other libraries in Malaysia.


A. How to make a request  --

The process of Inter library loan depends on what you are requesting. It can be books, book chapters, journal articles, DVDs, conference proceedings, or theses.

  Request the Inter-library Loan (ILL) form from the Library counter or download from the Library website.

  Complete the ILL form.

  Submit the form to the Library counter or e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  Collect the articles or books when notification from the Library has been received.

  Return the books before the due dates.

Remarks: Charges might be imposed for the requested articles by the lending library.


B. Eligibility  --

  UNIRAZAK staff (Academic and Operation).

  Foundation students, undergraduate and postgraduates.

  External members.

Items that cannot be obtained for ILL.

  Reference materials or Redspot collection

  Special Collections.

  Serial materials or volumes of serials.

Please note that our staff will notify you via email or phone when the item has arrived.

How to return ILL items?

  You can return the items directly to our UNIRAZAK library.

  Loans Periods vary depending on the lending library policies.


C. Request ILL Online Form  --





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